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Our support team is always here to help; contact us at any time at support@TableSavvy.com.

About TableSavvy

What is TableSavvy?

TableSavvy is a real-time, last minute restaurant reservation system, focused on moving excess inventory at a discounted rate via web/mobile platforms. With TableSavvy, members select from among their city's best restaurants, book their reservations online and enjoy 30% off their bills for that night only.

How does TableSavvy work?

All you need to do is find a time at one of our partner restaurants, pay $5 to book your reservation, and show up at the appointed time. There is no need to bring a coupon to the restaurant, as your reservation will be tagged in the restaurants system as a TableSavvy reservation.

How does TableSavvy benefit the restaurant?

TableSavvy allows restaurants to post empty tables on a last minute basis. TableSavvy offers a low risk strategy to the restaurant, allowing them to fill a table that would otherwise go unseated.

Payment & Savings

Why is there a reservation fee?

We feel it is more beneficial to the consumer to charge a small reservation fee and give them a large percentage off their total bill with uncapped savings, as opposed to charging them something like $20 to spend $40.

Is alcohol included in these offers?

Alcohol is NOT included.

General Support/Other

Do I need to bring a print out confirmation or some kind of coupon to the restaurant?

No - once you make your TableSavvy reservation, an automatic notification will be sent to the restaurant therefore there is no need for you to bring any sort of confirmation.

Can I change an existing reservation?

Yes. You can change your reservation from within your account anytime before your reservation time.

If something comes up, can I cancel my reservation?

No problem. If you cancel a Reservation at any time prior to the time of the Reservation, you will be credited back to your TableSavvy account, which you can use to purchase future reservations.

I'm having an unexpected issue at the restaurant - what do I do?

Please send us an email at support@TableSavvy.com.

I would love for my restaurant to be featured on TableSavvy. Who should I contact?

Feel free to contact us through our home page, or at support@TableSavvy.com to get your restaurant featured on TableSavvy.